Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grandma T's Tuna Casserole

My husband and I are polar opposites where food is concerned. The first year that we were dating he would not eat my cooking unless it was something he readily recognized.  If I did anything new or exciting (read: anything I cooked) he would look at it with the 'who farted?' face and say "I'll just get some Taco Bell on the way home."  I do not think he realized just how insulting that was, the fact that he would rather eat TACO...FRICKIN...BELL.  The memory makes me want to stab his pillow...but I digress.  Eventually he bought a house, and because he was too poor to afford a fast food alternative, the man started eating my cooking.  What do you know?  He liked it (most of it)!
Eventually (as I began to like him more) I started tailoring my style to suit his taste.  I like to think the delta between us has to do with where we grew up.  My husband is a small town mid-western boy with a palate for simple, All-American flavors.  I was born and raised just outside a diverse south-eastern city which provided me with exposure to a wide range of food.  More importantly, my neighbors directly across the street were and still are some of the most awesome Greek people ever. I spent many a mealtime at their table.  (I will do an entire post on that at a later date.  The wife shaped many of my attitudes about cooking and my passion for food.)  Add to that the fact that my folks are from the deep south...deep....and you have a culinary cross section that sets the All-American flavor profile on fire...then gives it a wedgie for good measure.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7 Things You Should Know Before Reading This Blog

This serves as my disclaimer from here till the end of time (which I have been told is next Wednesday).  I just do not want anyone to have unrealistic expectations about who I am and what is going on here.  So for the sake of utter clarity I felt the need to offer the following list.

  1. My tongue is permanently sewn to my cheek.  This means please do not take anything I say seriously because I sure as hell don't. (Any statement about my lack of sincerity or concern always excludes food.  I care deeply about food...deeply.)  If you deem it appropriate to set my blog afire with your discontent, rest assured that I will not take you seriously either.
  2. I adore my family, and I kid because I love.  And because they often do the most entertaining crap which I feel must be shared with the world.  I mean...laughing alone sucks, right?
  3. I use words like 'Epic', 'Awesome', 'Fail', and 'Suck' like they are going out of style.  Embrace them or GTFO. (For definitions of my slang, please consult

Move Along, Nothing to Read Here....

I suppose I should start off this first post  by qualifying who I am and why you should read this blog.  Well, I am nobody and you should not read this blog.  Just don't.  Go outside and ride a bike...or plant something... or play with your children.  Now, if the notion of any or all of those things sound completely ridiculous, then you are in the right place.  If you are reading this -instead- of playing with your children, then I welcome you with open arms and call you family.  Pour yourself a glass of wine (it is okay if it comes from a box, I won't judge you [that's a lie, I'm totally judging you]) and let us begin this journey of self discovery.

It took a long time for me to build up the courage to start this thing.  The main reason is because I kept reading blogs like Rants from Mommyland (if you have not been there, stop and go there now... I'll wait)