Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Experiment #1: Booze is Best

It is three a.m on Labor Day and I am looking wearily over a sea of metal tops.  I had spent nearly the entire day slumped over my kitchen table or a simmering stove turning freshly picked fruit into a winter refuge( and occasionally supervising my children).  Into a January reminder that there is light at the end of a long, frozen tunnel.  With visions of pillows dancing through my head I stared at a measuring cup full of a silky seductress that was the slightly scandalous marriage of peaches, raspberries, white wine, sugar, and just a hint...of insanity.  I used the wine to steep the fruit which became jam, but the liquid remained, so I used it to poach peaches...and after I was left with this velvety syrup that would not be simply poured down the sink.  It had dignity, pride, and much booze. the wee...very tiny hours of the morning, I gave birth to a mason jar of what I hoped would be goodness.  This little beauty is what happens when you set a naughty little syrup minx loose on an unsuspecting, and rather unremarkable Pinot Grigio in a confined space.  Oh...she had her way with that wine, and then later that day a dear friend and I had our way with the very last drop. sensational is it to offer someone a beverage out of a mason jar?  Cla-ssy.

That mason jar bevie and mismatched portions of vodka in our cabinet inspired me to try something I had been thinking over for quite a infusion.  And so this is where the experiment comes in.  I took two jars
and one main fruit, but decided to go in different directions.  The peaches and raspberries had worked before, there is something to be said for sticking with a a proven winner.  Jar number two I devoted to peach, cinnamon and fresh basil.  Both jars got a healthy dose of vodka and now?  Now they will marinate in our basement for two weeks.  Infused liquor does not get better with age, so I guess I will need to have an opening party.

Please stay tuned for the delicious unveiling (and resulting drunkenness [probably not.. I don't do cool stuff like that any more]) of these infusions on September 21st.  Perhaps some of you will be there.