Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Win and Pictures

Ladies and Gents (primarily ladies it seems) I have been shamed today by someone who was inspired to start a blog after reading mine.  Kia is the author of an amazingly funny blog called Try Something New Today, and has been cranking out posts while I have know....not.  I assure you though it is not because I have been whiling away my the hours eating bon bons and getting fish pedicures.  It is because I have been working on a pseudo business venture for my jams and stuff.  I Make Jams Because I Have No Life.

I have not forgotten you all, though.  I have a camera full of tasty snapshots to share with you this week, hopefully to earn your forgiveness.  I know that your spiritual sun and moon rises and sets upon my regular distribution of snark.  I know.  Yes yes, I know.  For the rest of the week I will bring you posts chock full of win and pictures.  Win...and pictures.  Please stay tuned,

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